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Real bride story: Giorgia Ferrelli

Here comes our sweet bride Giorgia! She chose us to take part in the greatest day of her life and we are very honored!
Being a bride is full of exciting moments and joyful memories!
She got married in a stunning church ceremony in San Severo Italy wearing one of our top unique designs from the Shakespeare collection. 
Read her story & revel the glory details about her sunny wedding day.

How did you discover Riki Dalal? 

I discovered you by chance on Instagram. Slowly I followed you more and more and I dreamed of one of your clothes but I didn't think in the least that you were also in Italy but above all near my town (San Severo)!
Then by chance, I discovered a boutique in Foggia, Italy and I rushed in. 
I had only selected 3 boutiques, leaving the latter (Riki dealer) for last!
I wanted to reserve the final surprise... even if I didn't think they were fine!

How was your experience in the Boutique? 

It was beautiful. The Boutique is called "Emozioni" and the owner Mariella was very nice and she immediately understood what I was looking for. In less than an hour, I had already chosen! I only showed her what kind of models I was looking for and then I had saved the lady Macbeth model wanting to try it out of curiosity.

What made you choose your dress? What was your favorite thing about it?

Let's say that this model had always been in my dreams. I was in love with the cutouts of the bodice, the shoulder straps, full of slits but veiled, so very elegant! It was just it! when I saw lady Macbeth live, I didn't understand anything anymore from the emotion! I just wanted to wear it and hope it was fine and it was!

How did you know it was "the one"?

As soon as I wore it I already understood that it would be the one! I felt beautiful, a sexy princess bride but at the same time elegant. I was radiant and from the emotion, I started laughing hysterically and I was walking all over the store. I didn't want to take it off!
My little fear was that my mother and mother-in-law who didn't like it outside of the dressing room like me, because of all the splits and deep neckline wouldn’t like it. Luckily, when they saw me they were speechless, just like me! We looked at each other, excited, and embraced with emotions!

Tell us all about your wedding day!

We got married on 22 July 2019, in the church of San Nicola in San Severo. It was a very hot day! The night before I received a beautiful surprise serenade, and I must say that thanks to it we downloaded a lot of emotions, and in fact early in the morning (6:00 am) we were all already standing. 
At 11:00 am finally I was in front of the church with my dad, I was very excited, but I also always laughed at them. Bridesmaids were in front of me covering my entrance. We await the wedding march, mine was the Ave Maria, and from there I learned that I was getting married! My beautiful husband at the altar waiting for me with his mother and an unforgettable aisle that lasted too little for my fast pace. The mass was very beautiful… my husband always kissed my hands, our intense and unbelievable looks but proud of our choice!
At 12:30 all were outside the church as we expected. We went out where the coriandoli and rice completely submerged us haha
we celebrated in Torre Giulia (Cerignola), our theme was Orchids and Lemons. 
Lunch went very well, we danced a lot, we were very amused and my husband also made me a surprise dance with friends, very nice!!!
In the end we went out for the cake cutting accompanied by the sound of the violin. First on the notes of deep (Adele) and then Fix You (Coldplay). The ending was with the same violinist making us unleash with the deep house (all played by the violin one show!!!)
By 23:00 we had delivered the favors and greeted all the guests. I wanted that day to never end and instead, it flew! 
Thank you for unintentionally fulfilling my dream and making that day unforgettable!

Giorgia wore one of our top unique designs from the Shakespeare collection. Lady Macbeth is a classic mermaid silhouette with a plunging neck and mirrored back. The perfect amount of sexy.

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