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Top 10 best 2020 Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a honeymoon is even better than planning a wedding! We have collected all the new "it" destinations for this new year to help you find your perfect place to visit as a married couple.  Start packing!



Naturally exotic and very diverse, Morocco offers a wide range of attractions to a couple who wants to explore. Start your married love story in the romantic city of Casablanca, enjoy the vibrant old city of Marrakesh, eat the spacy middle eastern food, soak up the Islamic African culture and add a camel back ride at the Sahara desert to top it all up.  



Step into the wilderness of this quiet yet energetic big land. Zimbabwe offers many great sights as the famous Victoria falls, impressive lakes, hugs mountains and multiple safari locations where you can watch a red sunset with elephants, cheetahs and crocodiles and pretend you are Simba and Nala from the Lion King. 




Located in the Eastern Himalayas this a small isolated Asian country with rich Buddhist traditions, also known for its monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes. Plan your trip during the Dragon festival and travel through its mystical villages and beautiful valleys and if you are game enough hike up the Tiger’s Nest in Paro for a thrilling yet breathtaking experience.


Cartagena, Colombia

A radiant, magical port city on the Caribbean coast, famous for its castles, culture, history and colorful buildings. This city is a mix of old and new and you can try amazing street food at day and dance salsa at night. We recommend taking a privet boat tour to a near island and have a romantic meal while watching the shimmering turquoise waters.


Sumba, Indonesia

Bali was overcrowded so now you can find your privet heaven here. This island has everything a beach honeymoon needs and much more, pristine beaches, wellness, infinity pools and open-aired thatched pavilions plus hikes, waterfalls and amazing surf scene if you are into surfing. Also, Sumba Island is more authentic so you will have a chance to get to know the local traditional culture.



In this land of myth, knights and kings you can visit the wild highlands and glorious castles, bloody battlefields and medieval villages. Scotland has a magnificent cultural dynasty and every town has its tales. Stroll down walled streets with men in kilts and listen for the bagpipes and catch the spirit of the clans in the traditional highland dancing.



Looking for a truly romantic getaway? This is the spot for you. This is a classic "deserted" island you can reach only by a boat you can be sure this is the place to relax, disconnect and savor the peaceful serene in a dreamy overwater bungalow. This island is especially special for the locally grows Vanilla spice you will smell everywhere and the magnificent coral garden just below the calm crystal-clear waters.


Napa Valley, California

What can be more romantic than wine? Napa Valley considered California’s top location for a romantic getaway. Napa is a beautiful part of California with plenty of incredible attractions such as restaurants, bike tours, air balloon rides, farmer’s markets, art galleries and of course wine tasting and gorgeous wineries. This is wonderful countryside to tour with minimal traffic while also being close to big cities like San Francisco and Sacramento.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Considered one of the cool cities ever, Tel Aviv is unexpectedly a great option for a couple who want to have fun. Hot beaches, clubs, markets, exquisite restaurants and many art galleries are only the beginning. Here you can enjoy both the sunny weather with beaches and crazy vibrant nightlife plus the shopping experience a big city can offer you. Tour the famous "White City" of over 4,000 buildings built with eye-catching 1930s Bauhaus-style architecture.


Paros, Greece

Beautiful coast, picture-perfect beaches and crystal-clear waters are only the starts of your adventure on this whimsical island. Although this is not a deserted island and you can easily find privacy but why not get out to enjoy the mouthwatering restaurants, beautiful boutiques, cafes and tavernas and the Parikia old town is just too good not to visit with its charming and exceptionally photogenic white alleys.



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