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The full duty guideline for your maid of honor

Getting married? Congrats! Unless you are a wonder woman, we advise you to take your BFF for a little talk and give her this "Maid of Honor duty guideline" so your wedding planning and execution will go much smoother.

Wedding dress shopping!

This is, of course, the most exciting one! Getting to go with your Maid of Honor to find your perfect dress is almost every girl's dream come true. Schedule a fitting and send her a notice for when and where she will meet you.

Taking notes.

Planning and getting ready for the big day is always full of little details someone must keep track of. Buy your MOH a notepad for her to start writing who gave you which present, numbers of food suppliers, venue address, hair & makeup recommendation, etc.

Party planning!

Bachelorette or a bridal shower, your MOH needs to be in charge. Food, drinks, games, and décor are all part of her job so mark a few days in the calendar and give her the big hint to start planning all these fun pretty pre-wedding parties.

Mood control.

Planning a wedding is a very stressful experience so if your MOH is your Bestie she will probably want to keep you happy. Calming you down and making you laugh is the most important part of being a good MOH, so make sure she knows how crucial her job is.

Social media boss

You will be busy with getting ready for marring the man of your dreams but your MOH can make sure everything is on record. Instagram Story, Facebook posts, video clips or maybe WhatsApp, just give her your phone to go crazy.

Be prepared!

You don’t know what will go wrong and can't expect everything to be perfect. The MOH should start preparing for the worst by getting a crisis kit, emergency contacts numbers or even an escape bag just in case!

Right on schedule.

Since you'll have so many responsibilities, we advise you to give some to your MOH. She can make sure everything runs according to plan and be on top of what else needs to be done before the big moment.

Hold it!

A sweep train, veil or bouquet, the MOH needs to understand her hands are for your use only! During the pre-wedding photoshoot, when getting ready and or before (sometimes and even after) the ceremony, she should be there to give a spare hand.

Make a toast.

It's time for your MOH to spill the beans: get back at you for all you made her do, flatter you like no other and tell everybody why you are best friends. The MOH speech is supposed to be funny, relatable, sweet and not too long. No wedding is complete without one.


She is there for you and you sure want her to have fun at your wedding. Drag her to the dance floor and have the time of your life. Your MOH will stay to dance with you till the last family member left the place and then it's only you, your new husband and her.

Thank your maid of honor for being there for you in this special time in your life and supporting you with the difficult decisions you will have to make.
In choosing the perfect dress, book a fitting appointment for you and your MOH or browse through our gorgeous collections (and don’t forget to send her the link!).

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